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Sangye Menlha Patient Charitable Trust

Welcome to TAC!

Tibetan Ability Center (TAC) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Founded in 2009, we have worked extensively to reach out and rehabilitate people with disabilities from various Tibetan settlements in India.  Our aim is to create an inclusive society, where people with disabilities are accepted into the mainstream economy and society; a culture and ecosystem where they can earn, live, and sustain with dignity and respect.


Inclusive Education and Early Intervention Awareness

In 2016, TAC launched an awareness campaign on Inclusive Education and Early Intervention therapy at various Tibetan schools and Tibetan settlements in North India. This program is funded by the Tibet Relief Fund- UK. Professionals involved in this program are Special Educator Ms. Delek Wangmo, Clinical Psychologist Ms. Passang Bhuti, Physiotherapist Dr. Penchen, Mainstream teacher and Community Mobiliser Mr. Kunga Tashi, Community Mobiliser Ms. Rangdol la. This campaign is active in North India.


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Camp

Rehabilitation services in remote areas are very rare in India so it is a big challenge for the special needs people to improve physically. Realizing these shortcomings, we started a mobile Rehabilitation & Medical camp in Tibetan refugee settlements in India. Our camp is usually lead by physiotherapist and nurses. During the camp, people with disabilities are treated as well as provided free counseling. We also provide wheelchair/orthosis to those destitute people with special needs during the camp.


Mobility Mission

Wheelchairs and mobility aids are not just simple vehicles for mobility; they are truly symbol of hope, independence, and dignity. We provide wheelchairs and mobility aids to those most in need amongst the physically disabled Tibetans, who otherwise would be unable to afford one on their own. Through the generous donation, chairs are distributed amongst the poor. Contact us to gift someone the gift of mobility.

Tibetan Disability Allowance Program: Sponsorship

Very often a disability limits their scope of doing the salaried job and one of the family members have to stay back at home to take care of the disabled person. This puts tremendous financial, psychological and emotional pressure on the family on top of the raising disabled person. Under this program, selected person with disabilities will be provided annual grants for healthcare and medical supplies to the disabled Tibetan refugee in India. These small grants will enable those most in need, who would otherwise be unable to afford transportation, physiotherapy, medicines, crutches or dressings. Although small, these grants make a huge difference to people in dire need of medical assistance. Currently, we have 25 disabled people needing sponsorship. Contact us if you want to help in this program.

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Annual report

What is a disability certificate ?

Special benefits of Disability Certificate


  • Total of 608 patient with disabilities benefited from physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.
  • 90 specially-abled children and adults from economically backward families in Tibetan settlements across India received mobility aid such as Wheelchair, walker, parallel bar, knee braces, orthosis, and prosthesis.
  • A total of 3 health education and workshop program organized for carpet weavers, health workers, and teachers till date.
  • Total of 150 school teachers and administrators in Tibetan schools were trained on Inclusive education. 
  • Access audit conducted in 5 Tibetan schools in North India.
  •  Total of 34 home visits to the families of children with special need was done to inform and raise awareness on Inclusive education and Early Intervention. 
  • A total of 160 community members and camp leaders were trained in Inclusive education and early intervention therapy. 
  • Total of 82 non- school going children with special needs were identified through a field survey.